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Men’s Boots

Men’s Boots Offer More Than a Thin Buffer to the Street Below

Men’s clothing and footwear fashions have changed very little over the course of the last 100 years. But definitely, the starched collar and high top hat have been replaced by a more relaxed fashion sense parallelling the trend of women’s fashions which currently are embracing “athleisure” sportswear. Businessmen have a 9-5 suit and tie attire that is changing only slightly thanks in part to the concept of “Leisure Fridays.” But one area of men’s fashion that has changed is men’s footwear. In the past years, celebrities and sports stars have worn tennis shoes as a statement against formality and decorum when wearing tuxedos and suits in place of the patent leather slip-on tuxedo shoe styles that have been de rigueur.
These footwear changes have foreshadowed a reintroduction of Work Boots¬†for more formal attire and casual wear. Men’s boots have always had a place on the farm and ranch but now have become the perfect complement to blue jeans and casual attire. Imagine the turn of the century military officer whose uniform would be incomplete without knee high and highly polished boots. Men’s boots of a lower height and high polish are worn formally instead of wing-tips or other laced shoes in the workplace and for formal occasions.
Men’s boots are a staple for construction work, farm work, and camping. Consider the various names given to men’s boots: work boots, engineer boots, motorcycle boots, cowboy boots, riding boots, hiking boots, etc.

The one area where men’s boots excel is in protecting the foot against damage from the surroundings. One need only think of the so-called “snake boots” to prove the point that men’s boots do fully protect against the elements no matter how harsh they may be. But perhaps the one thing that men’s boots do better than the average low shoe is to support the foot and the ankle area. Countless hikers and mountaineers have returned from vacation on the trails or in the mountains only to find that in abandoning their boots that their ankles seem wobbly in normal shoes. These hiking boots have become stylish and many men and women prefer to wear them on vacation or for casual use whenever the walking surface presents any irregularities. Walking on gravel or dirt roads is made much easier in men’s hiking boots. While men’s boots may seem to not have a place in the business and formal political world, both presidents named Bush wore them in the White House and for formal political affairs.
Men’s boots do it all and completely protect men’s feet from accidents and muscular injury. As our world becomes less formal and we dress for protection from the elements instead of dressing to impress others, men’s boots will have a place in every man’s wardrobe.

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